We are by no means a salesmen, that’s why we deliver the printing rights with your images. That way you have all the options in the world. BUT, there is nothing like seeing your images printed and being able to hold them in your hands. Getting your images off the computer screen and into an album is something we HIGHLY recommend.

Every album is designed specifically to tell your story.

Your wedding is a truly unique and an album or book is a beautiful way of telling it. There’s nothing quite like viewing your photos on physical pages and seeing the day unfold again in front of you – presented to perfection.

The albums and hardcover photo books we offer are known for their quality range of materials and stunning craftsmanship. We design and order our photo albums through RedTree Albums, a leader in wedding photo albums built to last you a lifetime.

Whether you decide to purchase a photo album or hardcover book, we will personally design this for you and help you pick the best images to include. We want to make sure that your album is perfect for you, which is why we allow unlimited revisions.

Leather/Fabric Album:
8x8 : $475
10x10 : $500

12x12 : $550
8x10 (v+h) : $490
9x12 (v+h) : $550
11x14 (v+h) : $600
10x15 (h) : $600

*Each Album starts with 10 spreads. Additional spreads are $30 each.
*Add an additional $30 to each size for the leather option.

Debossing & Cameos:
Both Debossing & Cameos are an additional $40 each.
(Cameo available only on Albums, not Hardcover Books)

Mini Album:
Mini Albums are 6x6 duplicates of a larger album and are an additional $200.

Hardcover Book:
10x10 : $350
12x12 : $370
9x12 (vertical) : $370
11x14 (vertical) : $400

*Each Book starts with 20 spreads. Additional spreads are $30 each.

Presentation Boxes:

Walnut Boxes:
8x8 : $270
8x10 : $300
10x10 : $320

9x12 : $340
12x12 : $350
11x14 : $370

*Choose from three walnut stains.
*Lid engraving is included on Walnut.
*Album boxes include a slipcover.

Bamboo Boxes:
8x8 : $150
8x10 & 10x10 : $170
9x12 : $190
12x12 : $210
11x14 & 10x15 : $250

*Bamboo comes in Natural or Carbonized.
*Lid engraving is $40 on Bamboo.
*Album boxes include a slipcover.

*sales tax will be included on final cost