We love the satisfaction of shooting on instant film. It's an amazing feeling when you can hold onto your images, moments after taking them. We want to be able to share that feeling with other people. It's a great alternative to your typical type of session. It's a much slower paced and thoughtful process. All of the cameras we shoot with offer a different look and feel. Instant film has many imperfections. That's one reason why we fell in love with it. Not all images turn out the way you were expecting. It has a unique quality about it that cannot be replicated.

We want these to take place in your homes/apartments/wherever you're most comfortable. There is a good amount of downtime in between each photo taken so we want you to be able to relax and enjoy the experience.

With each session, we deliver 10-15 images with digital scans included. With these sessions we also deliver a handmade photo frame that you'll be able to hang on your wall and change out photos with ease. 

Take a look at Laura+AJ's Instant Session.